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Thanks to our friend Patrick for giving Johnny a tour of Michigan State this week!

Dinner at Sisal in Cancun We had guacamole made at the table, fajitas, carnitas and of course cervezas.

Going local. John shopping in el Centro and Gina hanging with a Bandito. The flag was one if the biggest we’ve ever seen on the way into downtown Cancun.

Dinner at La Habaichuela
Had the Grouper Veracruz…very good!

A shot from the top floor of the JW Marriott Cancun. Somebody pinch me.

Thanks for the Executive MBA students and faculty from the University of Illinois - Champaign Urbana for joining Jeremy Thomas and I for a Crash Course in Design Thinking this weekend

A half day in Scottsdale AZ

Imagine Dragons FKOM 2014 

The guys put on an excellent show for us last night! We also raised over $50K for Tyler Robinson Foundation.

Imagine Dragons….SAP FKOM 2014

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